Welcome to "Fliegerhorste" (Air- Stations)

This site is dedicated to the Air- Stations of the German Air Force and intended to collect Internet- resources and other other documents and make them available to those interested in aviation history.

During and before WW II the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) operated a great numberof Air- Stations (Fliegerhorste). Many of these where built during the "extension- years" of 1935 - 1937. Some stations originated from WW I - "Luftschiff"- stations such as Ahlhorn, Wittmund, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt; but most of these pre- war stations were raised from scratch.

During WW II the demand for air- staions grew, so more contruction work took place - especially in the occupied countries.

Many of the Fliegerhorste did not survive WW II. A number were returned to agricultural use while others where built over or transformed into industrial sites. A number of stations in remained in miltary use - if not as air- stations but as depots or even as a military hospital (Bad Zwischenahn). But even today stations meet their fates - beeing sold away for civil use.

It is the purpose of this site to trace the tracks of stations dissolved and keep their memory - and the the memory of those who served on these stations.

This site uses the German language. This does not exclude that the owner of this site is prepared to answer questions or give English translations of specific texts.

For further improvement of this site, contributions from the public, such as documents, photos or hints to new internet- resources will be highly appreciated.

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